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Streamline Lead Generation For Your Legal Practice And Turn Old Clients Into New Business. Immediately.

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For attorneys who want to stop losing new business from past clients to their competitors

Turn your past or present clients into new business. Our  auto alert system will help you do just that. It is built by an attorney for attorneys.

CCAP Alert is an auto alert system that eliminates manual case look-up and helps Wisconsin firms remain proactive with all of their past or current clients’ legal needs. CCAP Alert allows firms to upload its entire client database into its secure and confidential program. We’ll take care of scrubbing the CCAP database so you can focus on the most important thing - law.

Cofounder - Attorney Phil Dahlberg

Database scrubbing is yesterday - You need freedom

You don’t like spending endless hours searching the Wisconsin CCAP database for new, relevant cases. Yeah, we get it. That is why we developed a smart technology that will immediately notify you via email when any of your past or current clients are named as a party to a new circuit court case. No more losing out on business from your past clients to your competitors' direct mail solicitations. Beat them to the door.

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Simplicity at your fingertips


CCAP Alert allows you to specify the type of court activity your practice would like to monitor. You can select one or multiple case types so you only receive the information you need to effectively monitor your cases.


Prepare a simple excel spreadsheet with each clients’s full name (First, Middle, Last) and birthdate. Upload this file using CCAP Alert's password protected secure server.


Within 24 hours you will begin receiving your daily monitor of all CCAP Alert court activity for anyone included on your watch list.

Your client list is gold - harvest it!

Attorneys wouldn’t love us like they do had we not considered the value of capturing their "low hanging fruit" to grow their practice.

Your past and present clients are your very BEST clients. Why fork over hundreds of dollars for potential new leads, when you can turn your existing client database into a minimum of $50k in new business for a fraction of the cost?

CCAP Alert makes it possible.